A Message:

I have sixteen requests in my inbox. Looks like even with my hiatus I received quite a lot of things. After finals I shall make some of these requests. Time to play around with photoshop once more. 

Anonymous said:
OMG! Your manips are amazing <3 Can you make one for me too - of Amber Heard and Jared Padalecki as a couple? (:

Thank you. That is sweet of you to say. I’d be happy to do it and I’ll start it now. 

Requests Are Closed

I only have three trial days left on my photoshop and around 27 requests I have to try and get done in this amount of time. Not sure if I can get all of them completed or when I will have photoshop again, but for now I need to close requests. 

Hello followers & those who requested manias/crackships.

I am back from my vacation, but I need to go on a few days more of hiatus. 

Thing in my personal life have sorted of just happened and I need to get them done and get settled before I attempt to do anything. Also, I am only doing trial of photoshop and at this time I am pretty sure I only have a few days left and I have no idea if I will be able to accomplish many of the requests that I do have. I am sorry for the inconvenience but my life is taking over and I need to just focus on that.

6 Day Hiatus

Hello to my followers and to those who lurk this crackship/manip tumblr, 

I will be on a six day hiatus as I am traveling to another state to see my father and will not be bringing along my laptop with me. The crackships/manips that have been posted in the past 3 days are the only ones I could get to on the list of upcoming crackships which can be found here as stated on that list, any crackships I had gotten on August 11th-13th or today and any day leading up to the 19th of August will not be published and will remain in my ask box.

You are more then welcome to keep sending requests to me while I am away and I will try my best to get them completed in a timely manner. Crackships/Manips are not made or posted depending on who sends what in first. Though I do try to do that, I sometimes have more inspiration for one then the other or one happens to be working and one not so much. It is great to see that so many people have requested things and are liking the things I have posted. 

I just thought that you all should know that this tumblr will be on a temporary hiatus so it does not seem like I have ditched this account. Crackships/Manips will be spread out when I return. So goodbye for now. 

Matt & Lucy

Camana Ship. Camilia Cabral &amp; Anna Cristina Larsson

Camana Ship. Camilia Cabral & Anna Cristina Larsson